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Facebook is Not a Website

EhrenWerks Media Newsletter

August 2012


Welcome to our new EhrenWerks Media newsletter! It’s our way to connect with you about new social media trends we are wild about, awesome sites we’ve found, cool applications we’ve built and/or discovered… all with the intent of helping you navigate this tangled thing we call “the web.”

This month, I took a trip to Montana to mountain bike and catch the Zimfest marimba festival in Idaho! The wildflowers were beautiful, music was heavenly and it was great to get a fresh perspective. Back in the saddle, I am blogging and Facebooking about the world of web.

With the change of seasons come new trends in social media, websites and applications. What trends have caught your eye this summer?



Some people ask me what's the difference between a Facebook business page and a website? This timely topic is covered in my new blog post about the pros and cons of each tool. Here are some tips:

  • Social media, a powerful tool to reach new prospects - I like all social media and it is essential to market your business but it has its limits. Facebook is not a website.
  • Why I love my website - A website is the center of the universe for everything “you.”  It’s a place where it will look like you, read like you, interact like you. You own it and call the shots on what it says and how it works.
  • Connecting your website to social media - A website is the hub of a wheel with the spokes reaching out to all the social media websites. It will reflect your style, customize your brand and offer easy to use ways to interact.

EhrenWerks can help you connect to all of these things. Here's my take on how it should work.

Friends of Ehrenwerks

colorad-wineLooking for the fastest way to search for a winery, restaurant or store that sells local wines in your area?

Try the Colorado Wine store locator.

  • Buy Local - In today's economy it makes sense to support the growth of local businesses.  "The  Colorado Wine Industry Development Board (CWIDB) has teamed up with EhrenWerks Media to design an app that connects Coloradans with wineries, restaurants and liquor stores that sell wine made in Colorado," says Doug Caskey, CWIDB executive director. "The "Where to Buy" app is a great resource for all parties involved, closing the loop for consumers to buy their favorite wine on the shelf."
  • Easy to Use - Visitors to can navigate to the “Where to Buy” locator and use a Google map of Colorado to select the winery they are searching for. The map will show all the locations that the wine is available in, detailed directions to get there and connect you to restaurants and stores that sell the wine.

Welcome new clients-

whittemore-bookEhrenwerks extends a big welcome to our client, Don Whittemore, Assistant Chief of the Rocky Mountain Fire (Boulder, CO) and Incident Commander on the Boulder County Incident Management Team.

Over the past few months, he has been part of the leadership teams managing this year’s unprecedented Colorado wildfires and will be speaking at Tedx Boulder on September 22 at Macky Auditorium. Check out Don's blog about emergency and disaster management and his upcoming book, "Managing the Unimaginable" an exploration of natural and man-made disasters and how they are managed.

This month, Don teamed upwith Ehrenwerks to update his website, and learn some social media tips about Twitter, Facebok and LinkedIn.

What New Feature is Everyone Talking About?
CMS Made Simple - a contact management system

CMSlogoEasy to Manage - Need to update your website on a moment's notice? Can't wait for someone else to make the changes? Your website should be up-to-date with everything “you.” Build your website with a content management system (CMS) so it’s easier to do.

wordpress-logoContent Management System
Want to quickly and efficiently manage and edit your website without the headache of knowing HTML? Convert your site to a Content Management Site so you can edit it online!

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ehrenwerks-facebook-pageOur Ehrenwerks community is growing worldwide and we would be delighted to have you join us! Please "Like" our Facebook page and subscribe to my blog. I promise to provide you with informative, well-researched, easy to understand information to help you with your internet marketing decisions… and entice you to partner with EhrenWerks for all your online marketing needs.


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by Kurt Eherenman

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