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Blue Poppy Enterprises

by Kurt Eherenman
2010, 04/20/10
Blue Poppy Enterprises

The collaborative relationship between Bluepoppy Enterprises and EhrenWerks Media spans over fifteen years.  In this time, the joint venture relationship between the two companies has created an industry leading website known as the leading resource of information about Traditional Chinese Medicine and a profitable eCommerce effort supplying books, herbs, online classes, acupuncture supplies and other products to practitioners and patients of Chinese medicine.

Bluepoppy originally presented a web effort to Ehrenwerks with a non-operative shopping basket mechanism wrapped with a design lacking branding and call to action.  The initial effort in 1996 included a redesign and updated shopping cart.  Upon release of the redesigned website, store sales of books and herb products began averaging $2000 per month.

Since that time, a variety of new products, product lines and web site features have been introduced... and the revenue keeps building.  Most notably, a wide variety of online classes for practitioners in need of Continuing Education Units were assembled and offered for sale.  The classes quickly became a featured highlight of the website.  In its current state, the classes are sold as products in the shopping cart.  Custom programming allows the cart to “talk” to an installation of the open source educational content management application called, “Moodle.”  After the class is purchased, students navigate from their account in the website to their classes in Moodle.  The classes are comprised of Flash movies and presentations, sound files and reading materials.  Upon successful completion of the class quiz, a certificate of completion is generated and made available for download to the student.

System integration of licensed and open source applications, in addition to a variety of custom programming efforts have tailored the website to perfectly match and support Blue Poppy’s mission of being the foremost authority and source of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Search Engine Optimization, newsletter subscription and subsequent bulk email and Social Networking identities all work to keep existing customers and find new ones for the company.

The relationship is a joint venture between the two companies.  In return for providing Blue Poppy with unlimited web site development, maintenance and online marketing, Ehrenwerks receives a percentage of sales.  Sharing in the risks and rewards of the online venture has been beneficial for both parties and most importantly, for the customers of Blue Poppy.  As a result, the website is a significant revenue generator for the company.

Blue Poppy recently opened a new site for their sister company, People’s Herbs.  EhrenWerks assembled the site and store for this venture in minimal time, opening to pent up demand for their products by a constituency hungry for the ease of purchasing supplies for their practices online.

Other site features:

Here’s the functionality both sites will have:

  • Practitioner/Massage Therapist signup/registration process.
  • Herb login for purchase - Revised code to allow for easier set up of additional categories to lock down.  Products are displayed, but the purchase functionality is not available until an approved practitioner is logged in.
  • Massage login for wholesale prices - Revised code to allow for easier set up of additional categories to lock down.  Products and retail prices are displayed.  Wholesale prices are not available until an approved massage therapist is logged in.
  • Herb tabs editor – At product edit level, a means to create AJAX tabbed content for each product description
  • Real time shipping - Query and retrieval of shipping fees and options prior to basket.  Display all at once. Still default to FedEx with the “want another shipper” option to display other rates.
  • Separate cart page layouts/displays
    a. xpress cart – line item layout: name, option drop, qty box, add to cart button. 
    b. Visible Amazon style cart right aligned.
    c. previous order – similar line item layout of products previously purchased

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